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Sorry...Friends Only! [24 May 2025|06:04pm]
[ mood | It's crazy, folks! ]

Welcome to my Live Journal. Although there may be some public journal entries, I wish to inform you that the majority of my entries are friends only. Request to be added by messaging or commenting, and I will consider you. Please do not take it personally if I choose to not friend you, even though I regard you as my friend.

Happy reading, and thank you for understanding!


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Update [21 Jan 2013|11:38am]
[ mood | Thrilled ]

So! I was recently considered for Playboy, and I made the cut. Pay is great because it will help supplement my goal to graduate WSU debt free. I've also made the cut as a spokes model for an online cosmetic store (which also pays pretty well). Setting up travels to LA soon to start those photo shoots... I'll have to coordinate with my professors so I don't miss much class. My GPA is great and I don't want to blow it. :/ Worries, there.

On that note, I was accepted into the The College of Health Professions; hello, RN! I'm now looking into Nursing Masters and Doctorate programs to immediately jump into after graduation.

When I got paid last week, I was greeted with a happy surprise: I also got a raise! XD Life is looking ridiculously great. Just gotta keep up the hard work!

Romance news: Grant and I perused engagement rings the other day. I'm stuck between Tiffany and Vera Wang. We've picked the wedding dress and the themes. I just need to figure out who all my bridesmaids will be. :p

Ciao, lovelies! <3

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Bewbs [20 Oct 2012|03:57am]
[ mood | Happy ]

I got my breasts done-- finally --after 5 years of planing, research, and working hard to save up. I bought them for myself, as a birthday present; I earned them without anyone else's help. :)

My life is going so well, I'm astonished. Modeling is really taking off; I have shoots nearly every week, and some I get paid $100 an hour.

I am now self sufficient, and it feels extraordinary.

No luck singing on to a modeling agent, yet; the agent said he loved what he saw and was glad that I have so much freelance experience, but he had no openings at the time. He encouraged me to get back with him in a few months.

The Dub City Kitties are doing great. We get so many promotional gigs nowadays, because we've worked hard to be taken seriously by local businesses. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have been scouted out as a model.

Getting ready to enter the School of Nursing; all my pre-reqs are done and over with, so now I have to take the TEAS and come in for an interview.

Working as nursing staff for a hospital in Wellington, specializing in rural medicine and psyche rehabilitation. The pay is great, and I get free life insurance. The 401K is matching, so I'm going to transfer my 401K funds from Pizza Hut to the hospital. I also get dental, visual/hearing, and health insurance for only $15 a paycheck. Looking into opening a Roth IRA at the end of this year.

Living with my significant other is going well. We've passed a year quite some time ago. Every day I find I love him more and more. We plan to wed in a few years, and we're both saving up for it. He takes good care of me, and I do the same for him.

Retirement funds are already set up for me; I should have nearly a mil by the time I'm 50, if my agent and I have done our math right. Putting money into my social security retirement funds; I get a monthly statement from the government about the progress of my earnings. My stock has raised and my bullion have gained triple the value they had a few years ago. Estate jewelry and bonds serve as supplement, and their value has grown as well.

The car is running like the first day I got her. When I graduate, I'll buy myself a Mustang GT. Until then, I'll stick with the Saturn and look for a Bobber. Will start motorcycle training courses this spring, and treat myself to a well-earned motorcycle for my next birthday. It feels very good to say, "all of these things, I earned on my own." I've never felt more proud to be me.

Grant will be graduating soon as well with a double major. He's looking into interning with the IRS. His parents are buying him a Corvette, too.

;) He promised he'll let me drive it whenever I want. I can't wait.

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